StickTogether™ Mosaic sticker poster - Butterfly


A collaborative community project, a fun reward activity or an educationnal tool, these mosaic posters made of colored stickers applied one at a time are a great addition to any space. Their attractive bright colors and the final result will amaze everyone around.

  • Blank poster may be taped to a wall, mounted on a foam core or placed on a large flat surface.
  • Includes a color key, instructions and tip sheet.
  • Includes a (H x W) 91,5 x 101,6cm (36" x 40") poster grid with 3996 mosaic squares.
  • 1,3cm (1/2") square colored stickers (extras provided).
RML-ST-202 91,5 x 101,6 cm (36" x 40") $85.40
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